Lancaster’s premier strength and conditioning facility serving amateurs and athletes alike.

About BA Athletics, Inc.

BA Athletics was founded in April 2013 and within two short years has built a dedicated and diverse client base.   February 2015 marks the next chapter in the BA story as we expand our operations into a massive 9,000 ft² facility located at 2979 Old Tree Drive, Bldg B, in Lancaster, PA – just off the Centerville exit, west of the city.   This property will be shared with Gracie 717, together making us the most complete, credentialed training facility in the area, with a variety of organizational affiliations, as well as being the annual host of the NAS sanctioned PA Dutch Strongman competition.

At BA, we offer four distinct, yet highly synergistic, strength and conditioning “platforms”…


Our Team


Brock Stoltz

Founder & Owner
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified
  • D1 Strength and Conditioning Head Coach – Franklin & Marshall Wrestling Team
  • USA Wrestling Coaching Certified
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • AED/CPR Certified
  • 20+ years wrestling experience
  • Wrestling Coach

Andrew Wulfkuhle

Founder & Owner
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • Multi-time PA State Cycling Champion
  • 20+ years endurance sport experience
Matt Maun

Dr. Mathew Maun, DPT

Director and head Specialist of BA Athletics Physical Therapy
  • Undergraduate BS Health Sciences from Bloomsburg University
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Drexel University 2014
  • Continuing Education through The Manual Therapy Institute: Movement System Specialist
  • Advanced training in joint mobilization/manipulation (including cervical, lumbar, thoracic, upper extremity, and lower extremity), advanced peripheral nerve assessment, and advanced movement analysis

Krysty Geesey

Group Fitness Instructor
  • Crossfit Level 1 Certified
  • 2014 Crossfit Mid-Atlantic Regionals Team Athlete
  • 3-time American Open Weightlifting Qualifier
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • NAS Strongman Nationals Qualifier
  • BA in Psychology
  • MS in School Psychology

Tina Ator

Women’s Circuit Training Instructor
  • ACE Group Fitness Certified
  • CrossFit Masters, top 200 Worldwide for 2015 and 2016 (47,96)
  • BA from IUP
  • IUP Honorable Mention, All Star Field Hockey 1991
  • AED/CPR Certified
  • Black belt in Tae Kwan Do, 2009

Allison Gue

Group Fitness Instructor
  • Bachelors Degree in Health and Exercise Science (Messiah College 2014)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Student (Alvernia University 2016-2019)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(NSCA-CSCS 2014)
  • Crossfit Level 1 Certified
  • AED/CPR Certified
  • 5+ years of fitness coaching/training
  • 10+ years field hockey experience


$145.00 Unlimited Classes/ $50 Open Gym/ $100 Punch Pass (10 Sessions)

No Commitment

BA Athletics not beholden to the prescribed corporate WOD you’ll find at other gyms.  We are a diverse facility with programs that are tailored to you, the client.   We live out our motto “for sport, for life” by offering two distinct programming variations carefully curated on a daily basis by our staff…

  •   “Life” is our standard coached class, designed to provide an athletic foundation for all clientele.  Clients who are just starting out will find this option to be very capable of building their GPP – general physical preparedness.  Programming at this level can be easily scaled where necessary, with an emphasis on safety, form, and technique.
  • Sport” is a supplemental on and off site training that will supercharge the skills and strength built in the Life workout, but geared specifically to our competitive athletes.  These athletes benefit from a variety of technical skill work and progressions such as Olympic weightlifting movements, prolonged endurance training, and skilled gymnastic movements.   These athletes are here to reach their maximum potential.

Monthly Fitness memberships for unlimited classes are $145, or a $100 Punch Pass for 10 sessions..   These coached sessions occur at a fixed time in a group setting.  See hours below.  Open gym memberships are also available to clients for $50.   Additional custom programming is available for a fee.   In either case, our Fitness athletes are well prepared to perform in a variety of competitions or events like elite fitness (CrossFit), obstacle racing (Spartan racing, Tough Mudders), or more traditional activities such as running or golfing.


In powerlifting, an athlete is to perform – with maximum effort – the squat, benchpress, and deadlift.   In today’s world, there are competitors pushing themselves into 1, 2, and even 3,000 lb totals.   To achieve such an astounding state of static strength across these three lifts, we operate and program various schemes drawing from proven methods such as 5/3/1, Cube, Westside, and Sheiko.  

  • We have sent competitors into various federations such as RPS and USAPL, and consistently done quite well – even setting state records in the process.
  • Like Strongman, you don’t have to be a supersized giant to be a successful powerlifter.   Standardized weight classes start at just 97 lbs.  Pound for pound, these athletes are some of the strongest in the world.

Monthly memberships for Powerlifting are $50 per month.  Allow us to help you peak for a competition or chase down an elusive PR with smart, custom programming tailored to you for a fee. 


No Commitment

Physical Therapy

Here at BA Athletics Physical Therapy our goal is to help you return to and improve upon your prior level of health and fitness. Ensuring that each patient is able to return to their previous level of competition and their everyday lives is something we take very seriously. We understand that our patients are athletes, mothers, fathers, and working professionals that perform various levels of activity throughout the day, not only in the gym.  The focus of Dr. Matthew Maun, DPT throughout the rehab process is the restoration of proper joint mechanics to improve poor movement patterns that may cause pain which occurs during the work day, as well as our patients’ training sessions. To accomplish this goal we focus on the use of manual therapy techniques and various neuromuscular re-education techniques that will then translate to improved movement patterns during the patient’s return to sport and/or any other activity requiring movement. By doing this, we are able to stand closely by the motto of B.A. Athletics: “For sport, for life.”


For pricing, and to set up an appointment, please email Dr. Matthew Maun at

Youth Sports

The youth demographic spans the scholastic and collegiate levels.   We believe that to perform well in virtually any sport – especially contact sports like football and wrestling – one needs to compliment the sport specific drills and practices with specific strength training, motor skill development, and general increases in work capacity.   This also applies to non-contact sports as well such as soccer and field hockey, benefiting both men and women alike.

  • Our Youth Sports program offers methods and tactics to develop a youth athlete in all of these areas.  The coached programming is carefully tailored to the age and skill level of the youth.   We emphasize safety, technique and work ethic (both physically and mentally) while drilling various Olympic weightlifting movements, traditional strongman movements under functionally heavy loads, and overall developments in explosive power, strength and agility.
  • Bringing all these elements together into one comprehensive, coherent program will benefit the athlete for a long, safe, and successful career in the sport of their choosing.

Knowing that school and homework is a factor, many of our youth clientele will take advantage of the Punch Pass system allowing 10 coached visits to be purchased and used at any time with no expiration.  This rate is offered with a dedicated trainer capable of physical and mental conditioning while critiquing form, building confidence, and inspiring progress in these younger athletes.   With this, we will also actively engage and advise the respective parents to ensure a degree of comfort and confidence. Coaches, please contact us for team pricing!

10 sessions punch pass – $100

No Commitment


Hours/Open Gym Hours

Monday-Thursday 6am-9pm
Friday 6am-7pm
Saturday 9am-3pm
Sunday: 8am-1030am

Fitness Class Schedule

Monday-Friday 6am, 8am, 9am, Noon, 5pm, 6pm

Saturday 9am

Youth Sports Hours

Monday-Friday 4pm

Email or call to schedule your first class


BA Cardio Circuit Class- $5 drop in/class

Sunday 8am

Tuesday & Thursday 7pm